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Val Spies
E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher
Deepak Chopra Coach
Ayurveda & Meditation Teacher

Good health practices are essential for physical and mental well-being.  Val teaches yoga and Ayurveda to clients of all levels and abilities. 

She also offers a series of life-changing Chopra Coaching Sessions that are a process of connecting with your calling (dharma). With quality guidance, you can move from limiting beliefs to infinite possibilities. Learn how to step up to your true intentions. The Chopra coaching experience involves deep explorations as well as future planning and the healthy, balancing practices of Ayurveda.  

Choose a 6 or 8 week series.  The first session is one hour. and the following sessions are 45 minutes each.

Contact Val at for more information or to schedule your sessions.

Upcoming workshops and retreats are listed below.

About Val:

Her background as a corporate manager for a major airline for 12 years and owner/director of the Lotus Pond Center for Yoga and Health for 18 years have provided Val with the balanced experiences of success oriented business and healthy, heartfelt living.  Today, she helps clients find their path to fulfillment through the Deepak Chopra teachings of Healthy Living and Coaching Sessions.

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Val Spies is founder of the Lotus Pond Yoga Center in Tampa, Fl, established in 2003. In 2022, the Lotus Pond employees took ownership of the Center and Val moved to Manassas, Virginia. In addition to teaching workshops and leading retreats, her offerings have expanded to working privately with clients interested in improving their life through the practices of yoga, meditation, breath work & Ayurveda.  And as a certified Deepak Chopra coach she also offers wellness/life coaching.  These private sessions are offered via Zoom.

Private Coaching Sessions Online

Sessions include opportunities for self exploration and planning
via discussion, worksheets, and an organized compassionate method of moving forward to meet your road blocks head on and establish a path to fulfill your dreams.

Align with your dharma

What is your calling, your life's purpose?

Understand your Ayurveda Nature

What lifestyle activities and eating habits support and balance you?

Fulfill desires 

What do you want to create with your life? What areas need improvement?

Expand Awareness

How does your decision making match up with who you are?

Explore Subconscious

What's stopping you? How are you getting in your own way?

Create a Path to a Fulfilling Life

What do you need to move forward? How can you fulfill your personal and career goals?

Upcoming Yoga Trainings, Workshops & Retreats

AOL Fall 2019 group.jpg

Yoga and Hiking Retreat in Boone, NC

with Val Spies and Katie Beene

October 25-29, 2023

This opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the practice of yoga in the spectacular setting of the BlueRidge Mountains is open to all yoga students and teachers. Register through the Lotus Pond Center,

Meditation Unveiled

with Val Spies and Ryan Devin

at the Lotus Pond Center, Tampa

January 6-7, 2024

This insightful and inspiring weekend is designed for yoga teachers wanting to explore different methods of meditation and how to teach or lead meditation sessions. It is a 300hr. workshop, an accredited Yoga Alliance program. 

for more information:




Val's extensive experience and compassionate, wise demeanor has provided an inspiring and safe space for her students to grow.  Here are some testimonials:


           "clear, kind and supportive"

From the very beginning of the very first meeting Val was warm, clear, kind and supportive. She has a lovely manner and is naturally engaging, and the level of professionalism she showed during our work together was striking. Each week, when we began with centering, and she talked me through the gentle meditation, I was immediately at ease and felt ready for wherever she would guide me. 

This level of comfort and support was evident throughout all our sessions and was consistently enhanced by her wonderful, gentle sense of humor; even in the sessions when we were discussing difficult emotions, like fear, self-doubt and self-limiting behaviors.  During these conversations Val helped me to develop a more balanced view of “Negative” and “Positive” experiences and beliefs, and to see the larger picture.  

The work we did together ranged from nitty gritty discussions of Ayurvedic practices to deeply spiritual and emotional topics. This complete range was made possible by Val’s wisdom and deep understanding of her work.  She is a natural coach and I feel deeply grateful to have been able to do this coaching with her. I look forward to continuing the work I started with her and feel inspired to do so!

- Anne C

"honoring my truest self and calling"

I am truly amazed how my perspectives and daily life actions have become more aligned and supportive of my personal vision and goals.  Val has a gentle wisdom that emanates as she shares her vast knowledge and encouragement. Val was able to help me see, acknowledge, and face my challenges while guiding me into an awareness of tools for finding balance in my everyday life.  After each session I felt my eyes had been opened to new lessons and I was encouraged to embrace small meaningful actions that made an impact in honoring my truest self and calling.

- Anne K

"wanted to find order in my chaotic life"

The coaching sessions with Val were a beneficial and life enhancing experience enabling me to find my personal path once again.
I did not know what to expect from life coaching with Val as my only experience has been networking with corporate life coaches where the focus was a person’s career development and financial aspirations.
Although I had no expectations, after a brief centering Val asked me what I wanted to gain from these coaching sessions. To my surprise I had an immediate answer. I wanted to find order in my chaotic life.
At first, I felt this goal may be unattainable or an overreaching request for life coaching however, I found great comfort and confidence in Val’s simple “okay, let’s get started”. This forum provided a safe space where I could share my laundry list of chaos without judgement, fear of hurting someone’s feelings or
receiving biased opinions and discouragement.
Receiving small homework assignments, a question to think about and/or short-term goals was extremely helpful for me as a tool to reduce the chaos; I began to feel empowered.
I realize as I reflect on the coaching it had been a long time since I focused on the correct questions of “who am I” and “what do I really, really want”. Coaching allowed me to take an hour a week, slow down and concentrate on life’s questions with purpose and trusted guidance. The sessions were
personal and professional staying on task as I journeyed through some self-exploration and goal setting.
I highly recommend Val Spies life coaching to individuals of any age and stage of life.

- Michelle B

"a fascinating journey"

I really enjoyed our coaching sessions. I enjoyed starting with a centering and found this really helpful. Val has a gift for guiding visualizations, and this was a really strong tool for me in our sessions.I found the Chopra worksheets were really helpful and it was a fascinating journey to discover and explore my archetypes. I really enjoyed working with Val, setting goals, and finding the tools to achieve my goals with her coaching! I also really enjoyed hearing from her expertise in Ayurveda. I think she is going to help a lot of people with her knowledge and talents, and I'm thankful so much for this experience!


“There are plenty of coaches out there, so how do you know you are working with the right one?


Of course, you are looking for a complementary style and an approach that resonates with your goals…but two things you absolutely must have in a coach are: wisdom and experience. 


Val is overflowing with both. In sessions with Val I was given several exercises and tools to work with in my life. In some cases these paid off in immediate and surprising (and delightful) ways.   I loved her “why NOT you?”encouragement followed by a practical and even enjoyable set of steps to apply both physically and in my mental framework.  


With Val you will get holistic but realistic guidance to help break through whatever challenge or pattern may be holding you back. 


She is seasoned, studied, and a master teacher…everything you would want. 


So if you’re thinking about it…go for it! “


- Beverly S.

- Abby S

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